Fluoropolymer benefits for Laboratory Analysis

Fluoropolymer benefits for laboratory analysis

Fluoropolymer tubing (in particular FEP, PFA, PTFE, and PVDF) are crucial in many areas of laboratory analysis and automation, such as chemical/gas analysis, environmental monitoring, automated laboratory equipment, HPLC and pharmaceutical operations. This is due to their unique benefits, which include:

  • 100% chemical compatibility. Ideal for handling highly corrosive or extremely reactive substances without the risk of tubing degradation, resulting in sample contamination.
  • High temperature performance. Crucial for laboratory applications that involve heating or chemical reactions at elevated temperatures.
  • Very smooth internal tube surfaces. Simplifies the purging process for laboratory instrumentation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • High purity fluid transfer. Gain accurate sample preparation and no trace contamination, thanks to near zero leachables or extractables – completely stable virgin fluoropolymer materials are ideal for critical processes.
  • Extremely low gas diffusion/permeation. Very low sample loss over long sample line lengths.

Fluoropolymer tubing examples:

Fluoropolymers for life sciences
Fluoropolymers for Life Sciences, Biotech & Diagnostics:

The use of tubing materials such as FEP and PFA are vital for applications in the life science and biotech industries. Key features include their ability to withstand harsh chemical environments, maintain high purity and their exceptional durability.

Fluoropolymers for environmental monitoring
Fluoropolymers for Environmental Monitoring:

Fluoropolymer tubing is a versatile sample collection solution when out in the field, due to its UV stability, excellent weatherability and ease of use.

Fluoropolymers for Chemical & Gas Analysis:
Fluoropolymers for chemical analysis

Maintaining sample integrity for complex laboratory analysis is essential for accurate sampling results. FEP and PFA tubing offer total chemical compatibility, smooth internal surfaces and low media permeation with no leachables or extractables, all ensuring the purity of the sample.

Fluoropolymer tubing availability:

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