Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing products

PTFE, FEP and Dual Wall heat shrink tubing make up the Fluoropolymer heat shrink tubing product line offered by Polyflon.

The ability to offer the best performing heat shrink sleeves starts with ensuring the highest quality extruded tubing, the component from which the heat shrink is produced from. Close attention must be paid to ID/OD concentricity and consistent surface quality in order that the extruded product doesn’t fail during the thermal expansion process. Special techniques are employed to maintain the expanded shape of the tubing during the cooling phase. Following the re-application of heat in the ‘end use’ the sleeve reverts back to its originally extruded dimensions.

Only the finest quality virgin raw materials are used in the production of the extrudate resulting in a highly dependable fluoroplastic shrink tube for the most demanding applications. Excellent chemical resistance, superior non-stick properties and very smooth surfaces make fluoropolymer heat shrink sleeves indispensible in industries such as Food & Drink, Medical Device, Aerospace, Electronics and Paper.

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