PTFE Cast Film


About PTFE Cast Film

PTFE cast film (FLONFILM™ 100) is a single layer, multi-laminar film manufactured using the cast method. By virtue of this unique process, FLONFILM™ 100 PTFE film (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) has a number of high performance features not inherent in skived tapes or extruded films.

It is uniform in material structure, exhibits outstanding chemical, physical & electrical properties and is tightly controlled in its thickness (+/-10%). Based on its capability to act as a semi-permeable membrane, FLONFILM™ 100 PTFE film is used in oxygen sensors & similar devices in bio-medical and other instrumentation.

Polyflon offers cast PTFE film in semi-finished form on standard rolls or converted into finish punched components in custom shapes ready for immediate assembly in to your device.

Technical Downloads

Technical Data for PTFE Cast Film:

  • General Properties
  • PTFE Film Availability:
General Properties Method Value
Tensile Strength (psi)
ASTM D882-54T
Elongation (%)
ASTM D882-54T
Elastic Modulus (psi)
Continuous Service
-188 °C, +250 °C
Dimensions Availability
Thickness (μm)
Standard Roll
457mm x 152m
Slit Rolls
6mm min

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