Water Treatment & Pure Water

Water Treatment

Our products are used widely in municipal water treatment plants where harsh disinfecting chemicals are used. Chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, dilute hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide require treatment systems to be chemically resistant and robust.

Fluoropolymer products for Water Treatment

Pure Water

Pure water is an essential component in the manufacture of semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. Contact materials used in the production of pure water must be extremely clean so as not to introduce impurities and must be resistant to very corrosive cleaning fluids at elevated temperatures. Fluoropolymers are the materials of choice for pure water systems.

Our fluoropolymer liquid handling product line meets all the requirements of such a demanding application.

Fluoropolymer benefits for the Pure Water Industry:

  • Low ionic & TOC ‘extractables’
  • Inert to cleaning solutions: acids, alkalis, ozone
  • Extremely smooth internal surfaces: reduced biofilm retention
  • Very low permeation of water & gas diffusion

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