Fluoropolymer Tubing

High-performance tubing for your application

Polyflon offers a range of fluoropolymer tubing materials including PTFE tubing, FEP tubing, PFA tubing, PVDF tubing and ETFE tubing, available in smoothbore – as well as convoluted for PTFE.

As standard, all types are available in coils; on spools or as straight cut pieces.

We can supply such tubing precision cut; thermoformed or fabricated into various shapes ready for immediate installation.

Most tubing products are single bagged to maintain cleanliness but items can also be doubled bagged for extra protection. Cleanroom packaged tubing is available should the application demand it.

Extruded Tubing

PTFE Convoluted Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Flexible Pump Tubing

Particular individuality

Although each fluoropolymer material enjoys a particular individuality with regard to material properties, there are clearly common attributes that run though all fluoroplastics: excellent chemical resistance; superior temperature performance and inherent purity. If you are unsure as to which material is the right fit for your application simply download our Materials Guide here to help you begin the process of material selection.

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