Pharmaceutical R&D / Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical R&D / Manufacturing

Many of our PTFE and PFA process components are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Our customers range from university research start-ups to global pharma companies.

With an ever tightening regulatory environment, never before has the pharmaceutical industry demanded so much from process component materials used in the research and manufacturing of drug products. We work closely with Research Scientists, Pilot Plant Engineers and Materials Controllers to ensure they get the products they need.

Fluoropolymers such as PTFE and PFA are an indispensable element of the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing process infrastructure.

To discuss your requirements for Pharmaceutical tubing and components get in touch with our team on +44 (0)1785 859 054.

PTFE & PFA Benefits:

  • • Non-wetting/hydrophobic
  • • Low friction coefficient
  • • Low permeation/diffusion
  • • Inherent purity, no additives
  • • Thermally stable
  • • Virtually 100% chemically inert and physiologically harmless
  • • ADCF/FDA/USP Class VI compliant materials. Possible certificates on request.

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