Fluoropolymer benefits for Food & Drink

Fluoropolymers for Food and Drink

Whether you’re a Design Engineer, Production/Maintenance Manager or Quality Assurance Technician, sourcing high performance materials and meeting strict regulatory requirements is critical for you.

Here we discuss the benefits of fluoropolymers, and how their unique properties set them apart from the more ‘general purpose’ plastics to help meet those strict regulations within the Food and Drink industry.

Benefits of Fluoropolymers for the Food & Drink Industry: Beverage Dispensing

Natural fluoropolymers are virgin materials, containing no additives or other foreign ingredients. Some key characteristics that make them so unique include:

  • No leachables or extractables
  • Inherently stable at high temperatures
  • Virtually 100% inert to almost all substances
  • Smooth, non-stick surfaces (self-cleaning)
  • Low gas diffusion/permeation
  • Effective UV transmission
  • FDA Conforming

Hot beverage dispensing machines present a challenge to most polymeric materials with intermittent high temperatures over a long period of time, coupled with the requirement for a biologically harmless, inert tubing product. Polyflon PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing represent a tried and tested, regulatory compliant solution.

Build-up of internal residue within our tubing is greatly reduced due to very smooth internal surfaces, leaving the taste and aroma of the beverage unaffected, ensuring consistent quality. Our PharMed®BPT and Norprene® peristaltic pump tube assemblies combine high performance, low maintenance and FDA conformance.

To enable efficient re-conditioning/maintenance of dispensing machines, we offer cut-to-length tubing to customer specification for easy fitting.

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