Polyflon Technology celebrates 30 years in Fluoropolymers

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We’re delighted to be celebrating our 30th year of trading this month. Incorporated on 19th January 1990 by Mr Francis Pedley, Polyflon Technology has become one of the UKs leading fluoropolymer companies; a highly professional and experienced materials organisation operating out of the company’s purpose-built offices and manufacturing plant in Eccleshall, Stafford, UK.

Polyflon began its days as a semi-finished thin-wall fluoropolymer tubing, extruded film and slit tape company. Over the years we’ve expanded our offering to include custom thermoformed tubing & assembled products, thin-film diaphragms & finish punched sheet & tape parts.

Polyflon, since its inception, continues to serve many industries: CPI, environmental monitoring & analysis, oil & gas, PV cell, water treatment/pure water, food & drink and, with increasing focus: semi-con, biotech/life sciences, pharma and particularly more recently; the Medical sector. The company has grown from strength-to-strength with just last year investing in our second 60Sqm class 7 clean room.

Francis Pedley Polyflon Technology
Francis Pedley, Managing Director at Polyflon Technology

Looking back over the years, we speak to Mr Francis Pedley about how the company began and the future of Polyflon Technology.

Francis, how did you start out in Fluoropolymers and how did this lead to the beginning of Polyflon Technology?

“I first came into contact with PTFE as TEFLON™, as it’s commonly called, in 1966, as a material for producing seals and bellows used with glass components in chemical/high temperature combinations. At the time I was working for a company producing scientific glassware, and this was the point that I began my involvement in the processing and marketing of Fluoropolymers.”

“Following numerous Management positions at German, US and UK fluoropolymer manufacturing companies I felt the time was right to strike out on my own focusing on the UK market.”

How do you feel the industry will grow and change in the future and what are the plans for Polyflon?

“The Fluoropolymer industry continues to grow rapidly as the unique properties and popularity of these materials is ever increasing. The resistance to heat and chemicals, tensile strength, thermal properties and weather stability allow Fluoropolymers to be used in many different industries and in many different ways. Continuing advances in technology, such as in automation, electronics and industrial, also drive their growth as more complex materials are required.”

Polyflon directors
The Polyflon Directors. Left to right: Charlotte Wright, Francis Pedley, Janet Pedley, Matthew Pedley.

“We’re delighted at how far we’ve come over the years. Our personal and professional approach is something that our customers have valued from us, and something that we are particularly proud of. We’ve always been completely open and honest with our customers, and are delighted to have such positive, trusting, and long standing relationships with them. I believe that our professionalism and expertise, coupled with our hard working team, is the key to our success. We have many exciting plans for Polyflon and look forward to many more years ahead.”

Polyflon History:

Polyflon Technology Fluoropolymer Experts
Polyflon Technology Fluoropolymer Experts
The Polyflon Team

To find out more about Polyflon visit our About us page here.

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