(Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)

FLONFILM™ 500 FEP film is melt extruded from fluorinated ethylene propylene; enjoys excellent chemical resistance and exceptional thermal performance. Polyflon offers two grades of FEP film:

FEP Film Type A – Our general purpose grade is suitable for applications where chemical resistance and high temperature are a concern. Type A performs well as a non-permeable barrier to aggressive fluids in tank lining applications and fuel cell/battery assemblies. The good weatherability and optical properties of FEP film provide excellent performance in PV modules and large scale algal growth cells. Due to the ease with which Type A can be welded to itself, gas sampling bags are an effective end use.

FEP Film Type B – Our premium grade is a translucent version produced from high molecular weight resin for applications where high flex life and stress-crack resistance are required, typical products being thin film diaphragms. The high molecular weight of Type B also affords this grade of FEP film very low gas diffusion through its wall and also exhibits an extremely smooth, self-cleaning surface finish.


Key Features of FEP Film:

  • Excellent electrical insulator.
  • Very low coefficient of friction – excellent release.
  • High degree of transparency.
  • No voids or pinholes – low permeability.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Temperature range of -254°C to +200°C (-425°F to 390°F).

Availability of FEP Film:

Polyflon can offer FEP film in semi-finished form on standard rolls or converted into finish cut/thermoformed/punched parts.

ThicknessStd roll length
mm Inches Meters
0.0127 0.0005 362
0.0254 0.001 181
0.0508 0.002 90
0.0762 0.003 60
0.127 0.005 36
0.1905 0.0075 24
0.254 0.010 18
0.3556 0.014 13
0.508 0.020 9

Standard roll width: 1220mm (48”) @ 12kg.
Slit widths from 12.7mm (1/2”) up to max width 1625mm (64”).
Available pigmented/perforated for release applications.

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