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PEEK tubing (a non-fluoropolymer) is well known for its very high degree of hardness even at elevated temperatures. Such tubing enjoys resistance to extremely high pressures and in many cases has replaced stainless steel. Due to its high purity, PEEK tubing does not leech out damaging ‘extractables’ and is very effective in the trace analysis of complex fluids.

PEEK tubing is flame retardant and exhibits very low smoke emissions lending itself well to wire and cable sleeving in aerospace applications. Being compatible with high doses of radiation, PEEK tubing resists embrittlement, maintaining mechanical integrity in the most demanding environments.

Key Features of PEEK Tubing:

  • Ultra hard material
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Stable at temperatures up to 228°C
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Flame retardant (UL94 V-0)
  • Very tight dimensional tolerances

Availability of PEEK Tubing:

  • In coils, on spools or thermoformed into custom shapes
  • Straight pieces with clean, square cuts
  • Laser cut ends possible with bores below 50µm
  • Can be supplied in heat sealed PE bags to maintain cleanliness
  • Supplied natural & pigmented (solid/striped) to identify ID size
  • Can be supplied as finished tubing assemblies with connectors

Although the applications for PEEK tubing are numerous Polyflon mainly offers standard HPLC tubing dimensions as detailed in the table below, however, custom requirements are always considered.

PEEK Tubing - Standard Metric & Imperial Sizes:

Part No.ID x OD (Inches)ID x OD (mm)
4901000060 - 0.60×1.00
4901590013 0.005” x 1/16” 0.13×1.59
4901590015 0.006” x 1/16” 0.15×1.59
4901590018 0.007” x 1/16” 0.18×1.59
4901590025 0.010” x 1/16” 0.25×1.59
4901590050 0.020” x 1/16” 0.50×1.59
4901590075 0.030” x 1/16” 0.75×1.59
4901590100 0.040” x 1/16” 1.00×1.59
4903180075 0.030” x 1/8” 0.75×3.18
4903180159 0.062” x 1/8” 1.59×3.18
4903180200 0.080” x 1/8” 2.00×3.18
4906000400 - 4.00×6.00
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