Multi-hose provides the possibility to group a number of extruded tubes together inside one protective cover. Individual inner tubes can be differentiated from each other by solid pigmentation or by colour-coded tails which protrude from both ends of the Multi-hose coil, thus preventing costly installation errors.The Multi-hose system promotes a safe and efficient working environment doing away with untidy, tangled tubing runs.

The Outer Cover: Available in five standard materials: LDPE, EVA, PVC, TPE and PUR, the selection of which depends on degree of flexibility required; level of chemical resistance; weathering performance; temperature capability etc…

The Inner Tubes: Polyflon currently offers PVDF tubing, FEP tubing, MFA tubing and PFA tubing in sizes ranging from 2x4 to 8x10. Standard Multi-hose bundles comprise groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 individual tubes which afford natural self-supporting, cross-sectional structures.

Key Features of Multi-hose:

  • Rugged outer covers
  • Chemically resistant, super smooth inner tubes
  • Efficient bundling system
  • Tailor made product: you decide on the outer & inner tube materials to suit your own application

Availability of Multi-hose:

  • Supplied on spools or boxed loose
  • Standard maximum overall Ø50mm, specialities possible
  • Standard continuous lengths: 25, 50 & 100m, longer lengths possible

Typical Applications of Multi-hose:

  • Specialist pneumatic systems
  • Automotive production equipment
  • Dentistry apparatus
  • Multiple chemical dosing lines

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