FLONSEAL™ ePTFE Sealing Tape

FLONSEAL™ ePTFE Sealing Tape


(expanded PolyTetraFluoroEthylene)

FLONSEAL™ ePTFE material is completely chemically inert with a temperature range of -200°C to 230°C (-328°F to 446°F) .Since there are no additives or fillers in the raw polymer ePTFE does not age ‘in the field’ and has unlimited shelf life.

Due to its expanded, multi-directional fibre structure FLONSEAL™ ePTFE enjoys excellent compression, adhering perfectly to the contours of the chosen sealing surface. Typical applications for our sealing tape include chemical process plant pipe-work; Oil & Gas pipe flanges where sealing faces can sometimes have quite uneven surfaces; man-way hatches and reaction vessel lids.

As standard, FLONSEAL™ ePTFE sealing tape comes with an adhesive strip on one side for ease of fixing and is supplied on small manageable spools.

Availability of FLONSEAL™ ePTFE Sealing Tape:

FLONSEAL™ Part No.W (mm)Thk (mm)Spool L (m)
FLON03 3 1.5 25
FLON05 5 2.0 25
FLON07 7 2.5 10, 25
FLON10 10 3 10, 25
FLON12 12 4 10, 25
FLON14 14 5.0 10, 25
FLON17 17 6.0 10
FLON20 20 7.0 5, 10
FLON25 25 8.0 5

Note: Special sizes & lengths are available upon request, MOQs will apply.

Availability of FLONSEAL™ ePTFE Sealing Tape:

Flange Ø (mm)FLONSEAL™W (mm)
Up to 50 3
200 5
600 7
1500> 10, 12
1500+ 14, 17, 20, 25

Note: All sealing surfaces must be free from grease, oil & dust prior to application.

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