Flonfilm™ 400 ECTFE Film


(Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene)

FLONFILM™ 400 ECTFE film is manufactured from ethylene-chloro-trifluoro-ethylene. This material offers outstanding performance over a wide temperature range from cryogenic -200˚C (-328˚F) to 165˚C (330˚F). ECTFE film provides the highest abrasion resistance of any fluoropolymer film, enjoys superior chemical compatibility, high tensile strength and flexural modulus.

ECTFE Film Applications:

ECTFE film exhibits low surface energy and low specific gravity allowing for very good release performance but also providing a higher standard roll yield in square metres/kg than FEP film making it much more economically attractive for composite fabrication.

The combination of heat stability, electrical characteristics and barrier properties of ECTFE film results in high insulation performance lending itself very well to the electrical & electronics industries, typical applications being cable and capacitor insulation. Thanks to its excellent weatherability and resistance to high energy radiation, ECTFE film is used extensively in the construction of solar collectors and with a UL V-O flammability rating, is used in the production of aircraft cabin interiors and fuel cell membranes.

Key Features of ECTFE Film:

  • Outstanding release properties
  • Temperature range of -200°C (-328˚F) to 165°C (330˚F)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent chemical, radiation, weather & abrasion resistance
  • UL V-0 flammability rating
  • Good barrier properties
  • Can easily be thermoformed: welded, fabricated & laminated
  • Produced & converted in clean room conditions

Availability of ECTFE Film:

Polyflon can offer ECTFE film in semi-finished form on standard rolls or converted into finish cut/thermoformed/punched parts.

ThicknessStd roll length
mm Inches Meters
0.0127 0.0005 367
0.0254 0.001 184
0.0508 0.002 91
0.127 0.005 37
0.1905 0.0075 24
0.254 0.010 18

Standard roll width: 1220mm (48”) @ 9.5kg
Slit widths from 12.7mm (1/2”) up to max width of 1625mm (64”)
Natural as standard, blue & white upon request

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