Fluoropolymer Film / Tape / Sheet / Membranes

Fluoropolymer Film Tape Sheet Membranes


Flat products from Polyflon include melt extruded fluoropolymer films characterised by the trade name FLONFILM™ produced from FEP, PFA, ECTFE, ETFE and PVDF. Although usually supplied in standard roll form (1220mm wide), slit widths are available to suit specific application needs and corona surface treatments can be applied to allow bonding to other materials.

Our PTFE offerings include high elongation cast films, un-sintered membrane materials for corrosive or high purity filter applications together with multi-directional, ePTFE tape and sheet products for sealing use.

All of our flat products are available as finished parts; punched and/or thermoformed into gaskets, filter discs, seals and diaphragms.

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