Series 5 - Valves


Regulation Valves 5L

  1. Panel mounting
  2. Regulation and shut-off possible due to special design
  3. Thread seam-less in accordance with DIN, USAS or JIS => Numerous connection options
  4. Particularly light and compact design
  5. Housing made of PP, PVDF and PFA => High media resistance
  6. Maintenance-free design => For long-term usage

Wherever high purity or corrosive fluid must be regulated, the Series 5 regulation valves are the ideal partner. They have a female thread on both ends and can thus be used with various connecting elements from the emtechnik modular system. The Series 5L regulation valves are light and compact and are intended for panel mounting.

Check Valves 5R

    Whenever media is to be prevented from flowing back into a system, or devices are to be protected against blow back, check valves are used. Three types are available: The check valve without spring is primarily used for the protection of fittings against blow back from a system and have a low opening pressure. The check valve with spring prevents the media from flowing back when the pressure simply drops, the spring ensuring that the valve closes automatically and seals against leakage.
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