Series 3 - Further Connection Types


Tri-Clamp Connectors 3C

Tri-Clamp Connectors 3C
  1. Germ-free sterilisable materials such as PVDF and PFA
  2. Locking clip made of stainless steel or plastic - with V-profile for uniform contact pressure
  3. Size, diameter and clip in accordance with DIN 32676, ISO 2852, BS 4825
  4. Depending on the medium, various sealing rings are available made of EPDM, FPM, PTFE, FFKM
  5. Many possibilities for connecting tubes and plastic pipes

Simple, Safe and Sterilisable!

In industries requiring absolute cleanliness and reliability, such as pharma, sterilisable Tri-Clamp threaded connectors are essential. The Tri-Clamp connector can be combined on both sides with the connection principle or thread of your choice. Simply press the two flange-like connector pieces together and fasten using the locking clip. An O ring is situated between the connector faces to maintain an effective seal. The resulting connection is form-fit and smooth and a wing nut on the locking clip makes it easy to open and close the connection at any time.


Thread Only Fittings 3F

Thread Only Fittings 3F
  1. Nipples
  2. Unions
  3. Reducers
  4. Thread without seam according with DIN, USAS or JIS => various connection options
  5. All hexagons are manufactured in accordance with DIN

NIPPLES are connection elements with male threads and UNIONS are those with female ones. Both types are available with BSP, NPT & Metric threads. REDUCERS are combinations of different female and male threads and thread sizes.

Glass Thread Adaptors 3G

Glass Thread Adaptors 3G
  1. Connection with standard GL thread => Compatible with all standard threaded glass tubes
  2. Connector available in PP, PVDF, PFA => High media resistance
  3. Sealed by media resistant O-ring made from FPM => Durably tight, secure connection
  4. Various connection options

With Series 3G connectors, tubing can be connected and sealed directly onto standard GL threaded laboratory glassware. Choose a 1A or 1+ connection style for flexible tubing or the 2N principle for more rigid tubing.


Barb Connectors 3T

Barb Connectors 3T
  1. Thread manufactured without seam according to DIN, USAS or JIS => Various connection options
  2. Barb connectors available in PP, PVDF, PTFE => High media resistance
  3. Hexagon according to DIN => Various connection options

The flexible tube is pushed onto the barb connector by hand and is enlarged in the process. To secure the connection against shear stresses, torsional stresses or longitudinal forces, you must use, e.g. a clip or cable tie to fasten the flexible tube in place.

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