Series 7 - Filters, Condensate Collectors & Ion Exchangers


Filters 7F

Filters 7F
  1. Cartridge filter (COMPACT)
  2. Cartridge filter + female BSP threads
  3. Inline filter + 1A tube connections
  4. Inline filter + 1A tube connection + female BSP thread
  5. Inline filter + 1A tube connections + borosilicate sight glass body

Series 7F filters reliably clean process gases or liquids and are available as particle or coalescence filters. Various filter units are available for specific applications.

CARTRIDGE FILTERS form part of the emtechnik modular system. Sight glasses makes it possible to assess the condition and degree of internal soiling without having to open the unit. Such filters are compact, economical and can be changed very quickly. 7F cartridge filters are fitted with an internal thread and are also available with a shut-off or drain feature. The COMPACT version is already equipped with two integrated tube connectors.

The emtechnik INLINE FILTERS are small, compact and easy to replace during plant operation and can be retrofitted without problem.

Condensate Collectors & Ion Exchangers 7K

Condensate 7K
  1. Ion Exchanger
  2. Condensate Collector

Condensed liquids can be collected safely and reliably using the Series 7K condensate collectors. They are supplied as standard with female BSP threads. The emtechnik modular system provides numerous connecting elements for these threads. Depending on the application, you can choose between the materials PP or PVDF. The container is made of DURAN® glass and has a GL drain.

7K ion exchangers work according to the direct-current method, thereby making it possible to remove unwanted ions from a solution. Depending on the specific application, any carrier material can be used for filling. The housing is made of PP or PVDF and is fitted with a female BSP thread. Highly media-resistant DURAN® glass is used in our glassware.

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