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ETFE fluoropolymer film


FLONFILM 300 ETFE film is manufactured from a copolymer of ethylene & tetrafluoroethylene. Outstanding performance is achieved over a wide temperature range: cryogenic to +165C (330F). Good chemical resistance; excellent weatherability & low flammability together with impressive stress-crack resistance make ETFE film an excellent candidate for a wide variety of applications.

Outdoor Applications

FLONFILM 300 ETFE film enjoys excellent mechanical properties and tear resistance. The high light transmission (>95%) of ETFE film when combined with its excellent mechanical properties provides unrivalled performance in architectural roofing designs & greenhouses. FLONFILM 300 is also the natural choice in solar panel applications due to its outstanding physical properties and high coverage factor resulting from its low density.

Low Surface Energy Applications

FLONFILM 300 ETFE film exhibits very low surface energy making it an excellent choice for release applications with process temperatures up to 350F. The low density of this material compared to FLONFILM 500 FEP film provides greater coverage per kilo for composite moulding release film applications. The low surface energy of our ETFE film can also be utilised in applications such as wall coverings and ant-graffiti protection for high traffic areas.

Fabrication Capabilities

FLONFILM 300 ETFE film offers excellent dimensional stability for secondary processing such as thermoforming and welding. Special surface treatments such as C-treatment can be applied to the film to improve bondability – important in metalising & adhesive coating.

Features & benefits of FLONFILM 300 ETFE film

  • Temperature range of -254°C to +165°C (330°F).
  • Very high degree of light transmission.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Broad chemical resistance.
  • Low flammability.
  • Very low surface energy.
  • Good stress-crack resistance.
  • Can easily be thermoformed: welded, fabricated, laminated.
  • Excellent dimensional stability during thermoforming.
  • Low coefficient of friction – good release properties.
Thickness Std roll length (m)
mm Inches
0.0127 0.0005 350
0.0905 0.00075 234
0.0254 0.001 175
0.0508 0.002 88
0.127 0.005 35
0.1905 0.0075 23
0.254 0.010 18
0.508 0.020 9
  • Standard roll width: 1220mm (48”) @ 9.5kg.
  • Slit widths from 12.7mm (1/2”) up to max width 1575mm.
  • Available in all primary colours, clear/natural (standard).

Physical Properties

Property ASTM Method METRIC Value METRIC Units IMPERIAL Value IMPERIAL Units
Specific Gravity D-792 1.70-1.76   1.70-1.76  
Yield (.0254mm film)   22.5 m2/kg 110 ft2/lb
Flammability UL-94 V-0   V-0  
Water Absorption, 24 hrs   <0.03 % <0.03 %
Tensile Strength @ Break D-882 48 MPa 7000 psi
Elongation @ Break D-882 300 % 300 %
Tensile Modulus D-882 965 MPa 140000 psi
Propagating Tear Strength.0254mm D-1922 <2.9 N 0.65 lbf
Dielectric Strength, .0254mm D-149 215 kV/mm 5500 V/.001”
Dielectric Constant, 1 kHz D-150 2.6   2.6  
Dissipation Factor, 1 kHz D-150 <0.0008   <0.0008  
Melt Point D-3418 250-270 °C 482-518 °F
Maximum Continuous Service Temperature   165 °C 330 °F
Specific Heat   2000   0.46 BTU/(lb. °F)
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity   0.238   1.65 °F)
Limiting Oxygen Index D-2863 30   30 %
Refractive Index D-542 1.40   1.40  

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