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Welcome to Polyflon Technology Limited

Fluoroplastics are an essential component in almost all present day hi-tech industries. Whether your field is medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, high purity fine chemicals, environmental monitoring, oil & gas or pilot plant research, fluoropolymers processed by Polyflon play a vital role.

Fluoropolymers, PTFE Tubing, FEP Tubing, PFA Tubing & more:

Fluid & Gas Handling Products: flexible tubing, convoluted plastic tubing, inert connectors, valves, flow meters & filters – all the components you need to manage corrosive, high temperature or high purity media.

Added Value Products: flanging, cuffing, flaring, tipping, coiling & plugging of plastic tubing, temperature probe sleeving, roller covering, component encapsulation, turned parts – the complete thermoforming & machining service offered by Polyflon.

Thin Film Products: fluoropolymer release films, extruded films, perforated films, chemically etched films, slit tapes – all ex-stock.

Bearing Products: plain bearings, flanged bearings, tape bearings, wear strips, fluoroplastic lubrication sprays & greases – all benefiting from the low coefficient of friction of PTFE fluoropolymer.